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SNMP Monitoring Client DVB – ATSC – ISDB

SNMP Client


Key Features

» ATSC • DVB • ISDB – Operation Center Solution «
  • SAMager-Console is a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) software for operators, service staff and system engineers, especially suited to monitor Digital TV and/or Mobile DTV networks which use decontis monitoring probes.
  • SAMager-Console displays
    • the global monitoring status or the entire network
    • the monitoring status of particular probes within the network
    • the monitoring status of every particular parameter being monitored within a probe
  • SAMager-Console provides a comfortable access to all monitoring probes within the monitoring network via SNMP and it includes many useful features to assist the operator by its daily tasks
  • support of Digital TV standards
    • ATSC • QAM
    • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • DVB-S • DVB-S2 • DVB-C
    • T2-MI
    • ISDB-T • ISDB-Tb
  • support of Mobile DTV standards
    • ATSC-M/H
    • DVB-H
    • ISDB 1seg
  • one SAMager Observer instance supports monitoring of up to 200 multiplexes
    versatile status views
  • definition of individual monitoring templates
  • beside SNMP also notifications via eMail and SMS
  • live TS snapshot pulling for local in-depth analysis
  • visual audio/video confidence monitoring


DVB Monitoring Status

SAMager-Console Status-Tree

ATSC Monitoring Status

SAMager-Console Status Walll

ISDB Monitoring

SAMager-Console Site Status

DVB Monitoring Map View

SAMager-Console Map-View

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • DirectX 9 or higher


Note: The SNMP Client – SAMager-Console – is part of the Software package “DTV Tools” for ATSC, DVB or ISDB.

  • The installation process requires administrative privileges.
  • After downloading start the installer on your Laptop or PC and follow the instructions of the setup dialog.


This software is shareware and must be licensed if being used beyond the trial period of 30 days.


» Head-End and/or Field Monitoring of ATSC / DVB / ISDB broadcasts «
  • for ATSC, DVB or ISDB monitoring or for various analysis solutions SAMager-Console acts as SNMP Client
  • in a complex monitoring network SAMager-Console is able to collect and visualize status information from an unlimited number of monitoring agents