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T2-MI Analysis

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SAMbuddy-T2MI is the most comprehensive T2-MI Analysis solution which turns your PC or laptop into a fully featured T2-MI analyser.The comprehensive SNMP based monitoring capabilities of SAMbuddy-T2MI allow to establish powerful T2-MI monitoring solutions

Key Features

» T2-MI Analyzer at a Glance «
  • T2-MI reception via IP or ASI input
  • playback of recorded T2-MI streams
  • analysis and monitoring acc. TR 101290 v1.3.1(2014-07)
  • T2-MI TS and Super-Frame monitoring
  • signaling analysis L1-Pre, L1-Post, L1-Dyn,
  • support multi-PLP (MPLP)
  • parameter monitoring all PLPs simultaneously
  • Timestamp packet monitoring
  • real-time extraction of all PLPs and streaming them for further analysis
  • streaming entire MI-TS for further analysis
  • cross-check T2-MI parameters against modulator RF output
  • TS snapshot creation and in-depth analysis
  • threshold configuration for each single parameter via comfortable GUI
  • comprehensive data logging
» T2-MI Input «
  • IP -UDP unicast/multicast / RTP
  • ASI – support of various supplier
  • File – play-back of recorded T2-MI streams

SAMbuddy-T2Mi supports both streams with SI tables (PAT/PMT + PCR info) and without SI tables. For streams without SI tables the needed T2-MI PID can be defined manually.

» TR 101 290 Monitoring «
  • T2MI_packet_type_error_1
  • T2MI_packet_type_error_2
  • T2MI_packet_count_error
  • T2MI_CRC_error
  • T2MI_payload_error
  • T2MI_plp_num_blocks_error
  • T2MI_transmission_order_error
  • T2MI_DVB-T2_Timestamp_error
  • T2MI_DVB-T2_Timestamp_discont_error
  • T2MI_T2_frame_length_error
  • T2MI_bandwidth_consistency_error
  • T2MI_DVB-T2_Timestamp_leap_second_error
» T2-MI Transport Stream Monitoring «
  • T2-MI PID
  • T2-MI PID bit-rate
  • L1 packet bit-rate
  • Timestamp packet bit-rate
  • Baseband frame bit-rate
» Super Frame Monitoring «
  • super-frame continuity counter
  • number of frames per super-frame
  • duration of the super-frame
  • stream ID
  • number of L1 packets per super-frame
  • number of Timestamp packets per super-frame
  • number of Baseband packets per super-frame
» L1-Pre / L1-Post / L1-Dyn Signaling Monitoring «

All parameters of the L1-Pre, L1-Post and L1-Dyn signaling parts according ETSI specification EN 302 755 can be monitored, e.g.

  • current frequency
  • Cell-ID, Network-ID, T2-System ID
  • duration of the super-frame
  • Transmission Mode
  • CodeRate, Modulation, FFT
  • Guard, T2-Mode
  • number of frames per super-frame
» Timestamp Packet Monitoring «

All parameters of the Timestamp packet according ETSI specification EN 302 755 can be monitored, e.g.

  • Time mode
  • Bandwidth
» PLP Monitoring «

All parameters of each PLP according ETSI specification EN 302 755 can be monitored simultaneously, e.g.

  • PLP ID
  • PLP type
  • payload type
  • Group ID
  • Modulation
  • number of blocks
» Streaming «

(1) The entire T2-MI Transport Stream can be streamed to a remote destination for further analysis tasks, e.g. MPEG analysis according ETSI TR 101 290.
(2) SAMbuddy-T2MI extracts all PLPs from the current T2-MI Transport Stream and each particular PLP can be streamed to a remote destination for further analysis tasks on all technical layers, e.g. MPEG, EPG, Subtitle, Audio/Video …


SAMbuddy-T2MI Main Window

Analysis acc. ETSI TR 101 290

Analysis T2-MI TS

Analysis Super Frame

Analysis L1-Pre Signaling

Analysis L1-Post Signaling

Analysis L1-Dyn Signaling

Analysis Timestamp Packet

Analysis PLP Parameters

T2-MI TS + PLP Streaming

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • DirectX 9 or higher

Application Note

get more information about T2-MI analysis and monitoring


Note: The T2-MI Analyzer – SAMbuddy-T2MI – is part of the Software package “DTV Tools” for DVB.

  • The installation process requires administrative privileges.
  • After downloading start the installer on your Laptop or PC and follow the instructions of the setup dialog.


This software is shareware and must be licensed if being used beyond the trial period of 30 days.


» Cross-Check T2-MI and Modulator RF Output «
Service and network providers have to check whether the parameters of the RF output signal of the transmitter corresponds to the parameters of the T2-MI input signal.
With dtvTools solutions such a check can be realized very easily. The figure on the right shows a typical application. In the head-end a decontis monitoring probe receives the T2-MI signal via IP or ASI interface and in the field one or more decontis monitoring probes receive the DVB-T2 signal via RF receivers. On the field monitoring probes the SAMbuddy-RF application is running and in the head-end probe the application SAMbuddy-T2MI is running. To get the RF parameters from a field monitoring probe, SAMbuddy-T2MI creates IP connections to the corresponding SAMbuddy-RF application(s). Beside the T2-MI parameters, SAMbuddy-T2MI receives and displays the current RF measurements from SAMbuddy-RF, e.g. Rx Level, BERaV, MER, PER …
T2-MI Analysis


» PLP Real-Time Analysis and A/V Monitoring «

The content of an extracted PLP can be streamed to the SAMcorder application via IP or IPC. SAMcorder provides a comprehensive real-time service analysis and monitoring on all technical layers:

  • MPEG analysis acc. TR 101 290
  • PID and Program Bit-Rates measurements
  • EPG analysis and monitoring
  • DVB Subtitle analysis and monitoring
  • DVB Teletext analysis and monitoring
  • DSMCC / MHP / HbbTV analysis and monitoring
  • Conditional Access analysis

SAMcorder de-multiplexes the Audio/Video content from the PLP and can stream the A/V data to the Audio/Video wall SAMitor for visual monitoring. That way all TV programs carried within all PLPs within a T2-MI stream can be visualized lively in this video wall.
Additionally SAMcorder can also stream all Audio data to SAMloudio for a professional Loudness and Audio analysis. That way also all Audio services carried within all PLPs within a T2-MI stream can be analyzed/monitored lively right from the T2-MI stream.


SAMitor – A/V Monitoring

SAMloudio- Loudness Measurement