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Transport Stream Analyzer

Transport Stream Analyzer


Key Features

SAMalyzer is an easy to use tool which provides comprehensive analysis features, to be used with recorded DVB, ATSC or ISDB Transport Stream files.
» At a Glance «
  • support of Digital TV standards
    • ATSC • QAM
    • DVB-T • DVB-T2 • DVB-S • DVB-S2 • DVB-C
    • T2-MI
    • ISDB-T • ISDB-Tb
  • support of Mobile DTV standards
    • ATSC-M/H
    • DVB-H
    • ISDB 1seg
  • analysis of all PSI/SI tables up to the last bit
  • tree-view of all PIDs in transport stream
  • SAMalyzer is available in 3 different editions, the ATSC-, DVB- and ISDB edition
» PSI/SI Table Analysis «
  • listing of all PSI/SI tables found in the transport stream
  • detailed analysis of every particular instance of all supported PSI/SI tables
  • detailed decoding and display of decoded data and data explanations in a comfortable tree-view
  • the tree-view gets mutually synchronized with a data grid showing the original data as hexadecimal representation
» Announced PIDs «
  • listing of all content PIDs incl. exact purpose
  • in case of audio or video PIDs many additional information gets displayed which gets extracted from the actual audio and payload, such as
    • video encoding
    • video size
    • frame rate
    • audio encoding
    • sampling rate
    • number of channels
» EPG Viewer «
  • analyzes and renders all types of EITs found in the transport stream
  • permits to adapt the time stamps from UTC as used in the PSI tables to the local time zone for more convenient display
  • short and long descriptions get assembled and then displayed automatically
  • full DVB Codepage and Unicode support
» Channel Allocation «
  • analysis of channel allocation at a glance
  • visualize channel aloction via PID selection
» Mobile DTV : ATSC-M/H «
  • analysis of all ATSC-M/H specific PSI/SI tables, separately for each M/H ensemble
  • analysis of TPC and FIC
  • ATSC-M/H Processing Monitor
    • MDTV Data Organization, e.g. no of Parades and Ensembles
    • Parade and Ensemble IDs
    • IP packet extraction notification including their sequence counter range reference for the treeview
    • display of M/H slot parameters
    • CRC calculation

DVB Transport Stream Analysis - SI Table

PSI/SI Analysis

DVB Transport Stream Analysis - SI Table

SI Table Analysis

DVB Transport Stream Analysis - PID Announcement

PID Analysis

DVB Transport Stream Analysis - EPG Analyzer

EPG Analysis

DVB Transport Stream Analysis - Channel Allocation

Channel Allocation

ATSC Transport Stream Analysis - ATSC M/H Analyzer

Analysis ATSC-M/H

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
  • DirectX 9 or higher

User Manual

  • read the User-Manual for more information


Note: The Transport Stream Analyzer – SAMalyzer – is part of the Software package “DTV Tools” for ATSC, DVB or ISDB.

  • The installation process requires administrative privileges.
  • After downloading start the installer on your Laptop or PC and follow the instructions of the setup dialog.


This software is shareware and must be licensed if being used beyond the trial period of 30 days.


» In-depth Analysis of Transport Stream Snapshots «
  • a snapshot from the current received Transport Strom gets created on the remote monitoring probe via triggering of an appropriate SNMP command
  • the TS snapshot gets transmitted via FTP from the monitoring probe to the PC of the system engineer
  • by using of the SAMalyzer tools the system engineer gets enabled to analyse the TS in any regard
  • problems/errors can be analysed very fast, very comfortable and very cost efficient
In-depth Analysis of Transport Stream Snapshots
» In-depth Analysis of recorded Transport Stream «
  • the recording tool of SAMcorder records a TS from a live source
  • the recorded TS gets analyzed by the SAMalyzer application
In-depth Analysis of recorded Transport Stream